Barber Chairs

RESERVE Your Seat! Barber Chairs Have Arrived 

The RESERVE Admiral Barber Chairs from King & Country have arrived

Fine Edge Beauty & Barber Supply is proud to introduce RESERVE Barber Chairs from King & Country Grooming.

These are quality, heavy duty, classic style barber chairs. The aluminum alloy construction provides durability but lightens the load that the old cast iron chairs carried with them. There are no longer any Canadian barber chair manufacturers, so King & Country started looking elsewhere for quality at an affordable price. A Korean Manufacturer was found who meets all of the quality standards and more!

The Captain

Covering all the basics while providing quality and comfort. Starting at $1999.95.


The Admiral 

Classic in all it's styling, this elite model provides absolute comfort and evokes a sense of tradition, hailing from barbers of old. Starting at $2395.00

The Commodore

The Capitan, featuring beautiful wood style detailing throughout. Starting from $2450.00


 Multiple styles are available and your order can then be customized by pump style, foot rest, upholstery and stitching. Even your logo can be stitched into the upholstery!

Expect pricing within a $1200-$2600 range. We have half a dozen models on display in our Vancouver location. We have parts on hand for immediate repair and all chairs will have an 18 month warranty. Orders will have to be placed 3 months prior to desired delivery. 
For more information on pricing and/or customization for orders, please contact us here, call us at 604 501 7756, or visit us at our Vancouver location.


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