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RESERVE Moisturizer/Shave Cream/Beard Softener

RESERVE Moisturizer/Shave Cream/Beard Softener

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This pH balanced, non-foaming, moisturizer works “tripple duty” as a skin moisturizer, shave cream, and as a beard softening cream; taming the wildest of beards. This formula maintains the natural integrity of your and hair.

Beard Softening Cream

Weather and our environment cause havoc with hair and beards leaving them unruly and cuticles wide open. By simply massaging RESERVE Moisturizer into your beard you re-balance hair to it’s natural pH level. Taming it’s shape and leaving your beard soft to the touch.

Non-Foaming Shave Routine

Begin any shaving routine by washing with warm water and a gentle face cleanser. Massage RESERVE Moisturizer into your skin with fingers or a good quality shave brush. Perform your shave with your favourite razor. RESERVE Moisturizer will leave you with buttery-feeling results.

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