Serviceability - An important consideration when choosing a clipper in 2024

Serviceability - An important consideration when choosing a clipper in 2024

A table full of professional barber clippers from BaByliss Pro, Andis, Wahl, Stylecraft, and Oster.

It’s that time of year, all of the “Best Clipper of 2024”, “Best Trimmer of 2024”, Best Shaver of 2024” reviews are coming out on YouTube and social media. And while we might do our own version in the next little while, one trend we’re seeing so far in everyone else’s reviews is that Wahl is out of the race.

The battery for the new BaByliss Pro ONE System.

Wahl isn’t being included in a lot of these reviews because, frankly, it hasn’t added any major improvements since they offered cordless machines to begin with. Meanwhile, StyleCraft has come out with the Instinct, which is a tremendous machine featuring some fresh technology, and BaByliss has come out with their “One System” featuring interchangeable batteries compatible with the clipper, trimmer, and shaver – breakthrough technology in the world of barber tools.





A Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Clipper on a Wahl brand barber station mat.

The one thing that isn't mentioned, however, is the availability of parts for the Wahl machines and the affordability of those parts. When people bring in their Wahl machines, those are really easy for us to fix up and at a great value. So, consider that as well when you're picking up a machine: how long you want to have it for and its serviceability.

Those other popular clipper brands like BaByliss, JRL, and StyleCraft have great machines and solid warranties but unfortunately, the machines are just not serviceable (although StyleCraft has been getting better at offering us parts for repairs). So you'll get a machine replaced within warranty but beyond that, if a motor goes, switch goes, not serviceable. Something to consider when you're buying your machines in 2024!

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