The JRL FF2020C Cordless Clipper is now in stock...and it comes in GOLD!

The JRL FF2020C Cordless Clipper is now in stock...and it comes in GOLD!

        JRL FF2020C cordless professional clipper for hairstylists and barbersJRL FF2020C Professional cordless barber hairstylist clipper in gold

Yet another week has come and gone and we're still without the cordless Wahl Senior on our shelves. Still backordered with no ETA, we've been anxious to get them back OR find an alternative. Luckily for us (and you!) JRL has come to the rescue. 

The JRL FF2020C Cordless Clipper hit our shelves a couple of weeks ago and has been selling like crazy since. For those looking for a Wahl Cordless Senior alternative, this may be it. In Rum Barber's latest "Zero Gapped Awards", the JRL came in just behind the Senior for "Best Cordless Clipper 2021". While there have been (and may possibly still be) a few question marks around build quality, the bevy of features and technological advancements in the JRL made it tough competition for the Senior. 

The JRL's powerful motor competes easily with the Senior and runs at two different speeds (6000 RPMs and 7200 RPMs), which offers added versatility. You also won't have to sacrifice your hearing for that motor power as it runs very quietly.

You might assume that with a motor that powerful you'd sacrifice battery life, right? Nope! The JRL as a whopping 4 HOUR runtime! While all the other cordless machines cling to their chargers, the JRL just keeps cutting. And if you're unsure about how much juice you have left, JRL has taken care of that too. Included in the sleek design is a light-up battery life display, so you always know how much time you have left.

JRL FF2020C Clipper Fade Blade

Ok, but with that powerful motor, and a crazy long runtime, it will probably overheat all the time, right? Again, NOPE! Continuing down the list of JRL innovations, we arrive at the blade. Upon close examination, you'll notice that the JRL blades feature indentations, or grooves along each tooth and within base of the blade. These grooves allow for added airflow within the blade which keeps it cool throughout its use. Oh, and if you have a cordless Wahl Senior and are getting jealous about this awesome new blade, don't worry, the JRL blades and Wahl blades fit either machine. And if you're a fade blade kinda guy or gal, don't worry, JRL came out with those too (although not included with the machine).

JRL FF2020C Fade Blade

Cross-brand compatibility is becoming more and more of a necessity as clipper companies spring up and expand their offerings. So on top of the blades being interchangeable, the FF2020C is also perfectly compatible with the Wahl Premium clipper guards.

Gold JRL FF2020C cordless clipper

Still need a reason to try out the JRL FF2020C?... Did we mention it comes in GOLD?! Yes, you can match your clipper with that new gold Parlux Alyon! Also in stock is the JRL FF2020T cordless Trimmer! But more on that in another post...

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