A Babyliss Pro GOLD FX Clipper sits in Fine Edge Beauty and Barber Supply's Vancouver location.

How to Replace a Clipper Cam Follower - Tune up your Babyliss Pro FX Clipper and Tune Down the Noise!

If you treat them right, your clippers can last for a very long time! The Babyliss Pro Gold FX comes with an extra CAM FOLLOWER for when your clipper starts to get a little noisy. In the video above, we show you how to replace the cam follower and then quickly zero gap your clipper at the same time.

You'll know your cam follower is getting worn down if your clipper is running a little louder than normal. With most cordless clippers these days, it's quite common for a cam follower to wear out. The Babyliss Pro FX luckily comes with one, but for Wahl machines, you'll need to purchase them separately (lucky for you, we have them!).

Don't be afraid to give the replacement a go yourself. All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver (Babyliss provides you with one in the box!) and a few minutes. You should immediately hear the difference.



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Where can I find the cam follower for my babyliss trimmers?


Do you know where I can purchase a cam follower replacement for my Babyliss clippers, I no longer have the one that was included in the box.


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