We Found a Great New Disinfectant Option - And Its Made in CANADA!

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Chemprocide - The Disinfectant We Need and Deserve

We're a year-deep into Covid-19 life and it looks dramatically different now than when it started. We've adapted to ever-changing health measures and have found ways to persevere through uncertain times. Through the madness, opportunities have presented themselves to some unsuspecting brands, product manufacturers, and niche industries as a whole. 

PPE suppliers and manufacturers have never seen this type of demand, and sanitizers and disinfectants are no long seen as a peripheral need. Cleaning products have become a core operational element of every customer-facing business, and have even become a marketing element for many.

That brings us to Chemprocide

Cleaning agents have always been a feature on the shelves at Fine Edge and we've long stressed the importance of thoroughly disinfecting your tools on a regular basis. But the demand that Covid has brought has forced us to look beyond our usual stock. In the last year, we've had plenty of opportunity to try and test different disinfectants, and Chemprocide was an immediate favourite. 

The first benefit is that fact that it is made right here at home. Manufactured by Pace Disinfecting Solutions in Delta, BC, Chemprocide offers a Made In Canada option. These days especially, supporting local is the way to go!

1L of Chemprocide, made in Delta, BC, and sold at both the Vancouver and Surrey Fine Edge Locations

Chemprocide also offers great value. To see our prices, login or sign up for an account here. Compared to many other disinfectant solutions, Chemprocide requires a lot less to make a lot more. As the video above shows, you only need 4ml of Chemprocide to turn 1L of water into an all purpose disinfectant spray. 

This spray is strong enough to kill disease on contact, but pH neutral, so it is safe to use on equipment. It also leaves a germicidal residue on surfaces that can help protect you for up to 30 days. The reaction time for Chemprocide is also significantly faster than many comparable products, needing only 30 seconds to disinfect a surface.

Chemprocide - available at Vancouver and Surrey Fine Edge Locations - can be used by barbers and hairstylists to disinfect tools in a sanitizing jar.

Chemprocide - available at Vancouver and Surrey Fine Edge Locations - can be used by barbers and hairstylists to disinfect and sanitize surfaces.

Safety is rightfully at the forefront of everyone's minds these days and Chemprocide offers a little more comfort during these chaotic times.

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