Elite Clipper Modifications (ECM) Faster Feed Mod Kit for the Stylecraft (Gamma) Ergo has arrived at Fine Edge

Are Clipper Modifications the Way of the Future?! We Put a Mod Kit on an Ergo to Turn it Into a Fast(er) Feed!

Some clippers are more powerful than others, some have more preferred blades, and others still have better aesthetics. Stress no more about compromising your preferences as Stylecraft (Gamma) and Elite Clipper Modifications (ECM) have started the clipper-modification movement.

Stylecraft on its own gave us at-home modifications with its cover colour and lever options. You can mix and match your covers so it looks like you have a new clipper every day of the week if you want. Or, switch between a slide lever and a click lever. This also paves the way for the potential to sell a variety of after-market or custom covers as well. Think of the  smartphone case options available right now, but for your clippers instead. Babyliss Pro has already started giving customers the option to customize their clippers through their website.

It doesn't stop with same-brand modification and customization either. More impressively perhaps than the cover and lever options, is the fact that your Wahl premium guards fit perfectly on the Stylecraft Ergo as well. 

And it doesn't end there...

Now, thanks to the makers of modification kits (like Elite Clipper Modifications and Philthy Blendz) you can even mix and match blades from different clipper manufacturers! In our video above, Rodney has outfitted a Stylecraft Ergo with an Oster Fast Feed blade, combined with and Andis Ceramic Coarse Cutter, using the "Faster Feed" modification kit from ECM. 

Not a Fast Feed fan? Philthy Blendz has an Andis Master mod kit too... Just sayin'... The options are truly becoming endless!

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