The Stylecraft Ergo Professional Barber/Hairstylist Clipper has Arrived At Fine Edge Vancouver and Surrey

The Stylecraft Ergo Professional Barber/Hairstylist Clipper has Arrived At Fine Edge (Canada)!

We've been waiting for this day - and we know you have too! The Ergo, by Stylecraft, is finally here!
Social media has become the primary marketing vehicle behind the majority of barbers these days. To make an impact on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, people are looking for any way they can stand out to grab the attention of potential followers, clients, or even brands. The tools used in "How-To" videos on YouTube or promo posts on Instagram have become an opportunity to showcase personal style as well.
Enter the ERGO Clipper by Stylecraft.
The customizability of tools is quickly becoming a key cog in the marketing machine of barbers and even hairstylists today. Even if clients don't know what they do, they can't help but notice an entire rose gold kit on a barber station or in an Instagram story. Some companies are allowing online shoppers to custom build clipper casings through their website. Stylecraft brings the customizability into your home/shop.
The Ergo comes complete with 3 different full faceplates and one more transparent partial one so you can see the inner-workings of your new electromagnetic clipper. You can mix and match these coverings till your heart's content. It even comes with a micro screwdriver included. 
And it isn't just aesthetics that you can customize. The Ergo's functionality and feel are also changeable as it comes with different levers so you can switch between a click lever or a smooth, sliding one. 
More goods in the box include an extra cam follower, 5 magnetic guards, a charging stand and an extra spring. It is quite a relief to see so many clipper manufacturers including spare pieces in the box these days!
This clipper isn't just about looks, however. The electromagnetic motor is powerful and has a 120 minute run time. It can cut through bulk with ease and then last throughout a whole cut while you finesse your fade. 
More videos, blog posts, and reviews will be following soon to discuss the details of its performance, as well as how-to's when it comes to changing the bits and pieces around. We're excited to get this machine in and get it into the hands of the pros!
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