Andis Small Nano-Silver Magnetic Comb Set (Double Magnet - 2 pack)

The Andis Magnetic Guide Comb Set is a favourite among barbers everywhere. This set includes the 2 most sought after patented magnetic combs that are infused with nano-silver technology. Andis Magnetic Guide Comb Set features patented magnetic combs infused with nano-silver technology with anti-bacterial properties. Rare earth magnets easily secure comb to clipper blade without slippage. Magnetic combs eliminate the need for clips that bend or break. The long lasting quality magnets will not wear out.

Comb Sizes: #0 - 1/16", 1.5 mm & #1 - 1/8", 3 mm

or #0.5 - 3/32", 2.25 mm & #1.5 - 3/16", 4.5 mm

Fits Official Models: Andis Master Clipper, Andis Fade Master Clipper

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